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Water Features Transform Outdoor Living

By Barefoot Hardscapes | May 07, 2014
An ornamental pond transforms a mundane backyard into a relaxing oasis and invites your guests outdoors.  Waterfalls and artificial streams not only make sounds that garner curiosity, they naturally aerate and clean the pond water for healthy plants and fish. Manufacturers have introduced modern high efficiency pumps with filtration that makes maintenance a snap.

A water garden's shape and design are critical to it's success or failure...One Blue Heron can clean out the average Koi Pond in just minutes if your fish don't have shelter, a feature that is too shallow will grow algae, and a pond without proper "benching" is unsafe for children (or adults acting like children).

Pond building is a science and Barefoot's Aaron Frank happens to be the Pond Professor. For a free consultation on Pond design and installation, call Aaron Frank at 302.632.4834, email, or check out our facebook page here.

New Pond with Lighting, Waterfall, Fish Cave, High Efficiency Pump and Serviceable Filter.  Tune in to our facebook page to see what happens when the fish get introduced to their new home. (Video by: Aaron Frank)
A Fish Cave or "hiding place" for your aquatic buddies gives them a place to go when a Raccoon or Blue Heron shows up. (Photo by: Aaron Frank)
"Benching" a pond gives dimension, makes it safer for children (and adults that act like children), and keeps your fish happy.
Our pond guys are mad scientists and love what they do. (Photo by: Aaron Frank)
(Photo by: Aaron Frank)
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