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We can count on Bonnie Osler

By Mary Howard | May 04, 2014

Let’s give ourselves two more years of Bonnie! Yes, Bonnie Osler served our Lewes City Council so well over the last two years - learning about Lewes, our commissions and boards, traditions and practices. We deserve to give her a further opportunity to use this knowledge. At present we are fiscally sound - no new taxes and a sound budget. Bonnie has contributed to this.

We can count on Bonnie to represent us well as she has in the past, in giving a careful analysis of new subdivisions, examining the best uses for the current public library building and supporting the hiring of an experienced city planning consultant. She has worked to ensure better communication to us of events, meetings, etc. by emails. I am supporting Bonnie because I can count on her to represent me well as a citizen of Lewes, and you can count on her also.

Mary Howard

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