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We can't afford Bidens in the White House

By Carol Anderson | Sep 04, 2013

Not everyone thinks the 1972  election was a good one!  I for one don't believe in royalty - Biden, Obama, or Kennedy and Clinton.

When Beau recently flew on Air Force Two to Texas for an evaluation or procedure - who paid the bill?  The Bidens certainly have enough of their own money to pay for things like this and I resent the taxpayers of this country footing the bill for this journey - if they did. 

The Bidens have been living on the taxpayers dime for quite a while.

When Mr. Biden was elected to go along with Mr. Obama in the presidential election, we did not sign up to support their lifestyle of having someone else pay their personal  bills - namely the taxpayers of this state or country.

My prayers are with Beau Biden and always will be, but we certainly cannot afford Joe in the White House - we would have Beau, Hunter, Jill, all the grandchildren and the rest of the gang  to support in the royalty style that we all would love to have - but can't afford!

Carol Anderson


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