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We live in such a wonderful community

By Rhonda Housley | Sep 12, 2013

My dog Dolly got lost Saturday, Sept. 7, and she's a mama's girl and wary of strangers. I knew she wouldn't come to anyone she doesn't know. I handed out my phone number and showed her picture on my phone to everyone who didn't think I was a creeper - some middle-aged women going up to strangers saying will you help me find my lost dog.  Yeah, right lady...

Soon police, people on bikes, and people walking on a beautiful day were all looking for her.  A very beautiful woman asked her small children "do you want to help find a lost puppy?"  And they started searching too. With all these eyes how could Dolly just disappear?  But she did. A couple of hours later I gave up and I went home.

Soon after the beautiful woman called. Dolly was over by the canal. Three minutes later I'm over by the canal. The beautiful grandmother and one of the children have blocked Dolly's exit from a ramp to the canal. The beautiful grandchild had a box of goldfish, trying to get Dolly to trust him. Other strangers who had also been looking for her were at the top of the bank. All pointing.  She's down there!

Poor Dolly was at the end of the dock shaking, she was so scared. She jumped up into my arms and hasn't left my side since. Even the police sent me an email with congratulations. It takes a village and we are very lucky and very blessed to live in such a wonderful community.

Rhonda Housley
Dewey Beach

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