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We need a Trader Joes

By Arlene Matzkin | Jun 16, 2014

Someone wants to build us an 800,000 square foot shopping mall, and we can't get a Trader Joes here. What is wrong with this picture?

Arlene Matzkin

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Posted by: Tim McCollum | Jun 16, 2014 18:31

Demographics Ms. Matzkin.  TJ requirements are proven.  Unfortunately Sussex is too poor, uneducated, not health conscious, with a low population density. 

Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Jun 17, 2014 06:19

Let's trade joes for open space.

Posted by: Anne S. Rando | Jun 22, 2014 15:03

Yes, we do need a TJ'S Those of us who are TJ's aficionados know that you can't purchase their products through their website.We also acknowledge that there is no comparison to TJ's for it's wealth of fresh, diverse and unique products that are almost always competitively priced. Go to their website and voice your request. They do respond!

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