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We need more Harry Caswells around

Mar 29, 2013

This letter is in response to Josie Sudano's letter about Harry Caswell.

I have known Harry for 15 years.  e is my employer and a very close friend. He is very dedicated to his wife, his family, his more than 60 employees and also his customers.

Harry always has the can-do attitude. Anyone who ever needed any help, Harry is always there with open arms.  As far as him donating the money he spent on the ad, I feel he does enough. He always contributes to St. Jude, Punkin Chunkin, Boy Scouts, the cancer fund sponsored by Frank Shade, the American Legion and Wounded Warrior program, and let's not forget demolishing the Bradley building, just to name a few.

I feel it is very honorable the way Harry shows his love for his wife of many years.  In this world, and all the problems we have in this country, I think, as many others do, we need more Harry Caswells around.

Terry L. Baum

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