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'We're all going to die' weather event

By Steve Hyle | Feb 13, 2014

Recently the Cape Region was once again notified that perhaps a catastrophic winter weather event was about to happen again. I’m surprised the major media babbling weather gurus didn’t hype this one as the ominous Mid Atlantic Triangle Winter Vortex.

I really think in part these storms are hyped as part of a conspiracy between the major supermarket chains and the news media - all directed at selling more toilet paper, milk, bread, flashlight batteries and bottled water, and the media retaining an enthralled viewership. Once again the panicked hordes will have stormed SuperFresh, Food Lion, Giant and Safeway.

And, once again the on-scene TV reporters will have stood by a street or highway scooping up a mitten full of snow to show us that it was snowing. Don't you just love these unsung, underpaid, cannon fodder superstar wannabes risking life and limb to assure us that it is actually snowing in February?

What amazes me is that they haven't yet, to my knowledge, been called heroes for their selfless service to mankind. But, it's only a matter of time.

Steve Hyle

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