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We're better than this

By Catherine Ward | Nov 16, 2012

The last two weeks before the recent election found the voters in the state Senate District 6 and Representative District 20 barraged with mailings, traditional and email. That is not  unusual.

What is unusual is that the message was nearly always the same. Very thinly veiled denigration of gay candidates and little talk of platforms. The voters were encouraged to vote for, or against, a candidate based mainly on the candidate's sexual preferences.

I remember the same type of campaign against John Kennedy fearing the "Catholic agenda." There was no "Catholic agenda" to fear, just as now there is no "gay agenda" to fear.

This type of campaigning makes perfect sense. It works. Wouldn't it be better to actually know what platform the candidate stands upon? Our votes should not be for sale to this fear mongering.

Catherine Ward

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