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What makes for the best land-use decisions?

By Nadine Wick | Apr 12, 2013

I really believe folks are tired of chasing after bad proposals by developers and trying to make them just a little less bad, and tired of playing defense.
Because neither the City of Lewes nor Sussex County has any certified planner, we're all always playing catch-up and defense, the developers have no problem with that.

I would like to look at land use from a positive perspective: what exactly is it that makes for the best land-use decisions?

What makes sense in terms of walkable, healthy lifestyles; in terms of more economic vitality and life in the downtown?

What helps seniors stay in their homes as they get older - a big issue in Lewes since about 70 percent of us are 55+ in age?

These are two positive things I would like to see more of.

I hope our candidates for the Lewes City Council do as well, and speak up on how they intend to move our historic, vivacious city in that direction (that could start with hiring a certified planner to get the ball moving). I'd like to hear where they stand on these issues.

On Thursday, April 18, at the Virden Center on the University of Delaware campus, the Sea Grant Program and others are hosting an all-day community planning conference called  "Sustainability" to look at recommendations of doctors, realtors, homeowners, business owners and environmentalists - as well as the state's top land-use planner - that are all prescribing, in part, the same recommendations to assist the challenges ahead for land use.

To reserve your place and for further information please contact the Sea Grant Program at 645-4234 or

Nadine Wick

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