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Where can people take unwanted pets?

By Crystal Shear | Aug 02, 2013

Animals left on the streets in Delaware. Not so sure the residents of Delaware are aware, but there is no open access to animal shelters as of July 2013.

Does anyone really know what this means? In the past, when a person had an animal they could no longer keep, they would take them to an animal rescue, SPCA, etc. That is no longer available to the public. This is because of “striker laws” called Companion Animal Protection Act better known as CAPA. This law has made it financially impossible for shelters to accept these animals.

I never thought I would see the day that SPCAs would have to put up “no vacancy” signs.

I would like to know a suggestion from Delaware’s state officials – what a resident (in this situation) is supposed to do?

Please contact:, Sen. Patricia Blevins (who headed the Animal Task Force or the and ask them this question. What are the options to not have our animals on the streets (in harm’s way) or to be arrested when people get desperate? It’s a felony and cruel to dump an animal.

Crystal Shear

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