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Why must we pay $50 more for marriage certificate?

By Sandra Snowberger | Jul 11, 2013

Nice to know the state has stopped issuing civil union certificates. Not nice to know that my partner and I had our civil union in March of last year and now we are required to convert it to a marriage license and pay another $50 to do so!

We both have to show up at the JP's and go through the process of getting our "marriage" license all over again. Oh, and pay another $50.

We only learned of this little trick by friends seeing it on the website of the JP's. This is something that our politicians failed to make public while they were basking in the glory of signing the bill to make gay marriage legal. Sounds like a story to me.

Or is it okay for our state government to issue another $50 tax to civil union holders and not announce it to the public?? Thank you for your attention.

Sandra Snowberger

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