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Why send council members to convention?

By Tom Bodie | May 22, 2014

I have been proud to be employed by, volunteered for and contributed to civil rights groups. Had I been a member of the Sussex County Council and had to consider a grant request from any group or organization that sought Sussex County taxpayers' hard earned money to, in part, "send members to the national convention in Las Vegas" (self proclaimed Sin City where anything goes,) I would have denied the request without a second thought.

Tom Bodie

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Posted by: Thomas Adams | May 22, 2014 16:41

Hey Mr Bodie! Would you have approved the request if the NAACP conference had been in DC?

That's where Sam Wilson spent Sussex County taxpayers' hard-earned money.  In March, he and other council members attended the National County Legislative Conference.  The Washington Hilton is such a nice hotel for a conference.

But I'd bet Sam Wilson's tax-subsidized farm that Sam didn't turn in any receipts for reimbursement.  That's because Sam is a man of principle.

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