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Will ocean outfall affect Rehoboth rating?

By Frank Monteferrante | Jul 05, 2013

The Natural Resources Defense Council issued their annual beach water quality report June 26. Rehoboth Beach made the select list of 13 Superstar Beaches around the country that received a five-star rating. The rating is based primarily on water quality as determined by bacteria levels.

Will Rehoboth be able to maintain its five star status after the ocean sewage outfall is installed off of Deauville Beach? With increases in storm events, raw sewage in the ocean is bound to be a commonplace event.

When the sewage treatment system overflows bacterial counts will go up and beaches will be closed for swimming. Beach closings will occur and Rehoboth will no longer be able to maintain its five-star rating as one of America's Superstar Beaches.

"Pollution in the waves is bad for business in beach communities," according to the NRDC. Is Rehoboth really saving anything by this shortsighted solution to sewage disposal? You can read the NRDC press release here:

Frank Monteferrante
Ellicott City, Md.

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