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Winter, Winter, GO AWAY!!

By Sumner Spence | Feb 13, 2014

No more football talk for a while as you all hopefully get to follow the Winter Olympics in Sochi. There are plenty of great events to watch but my favorite so far is the long track speed skating. The fitness level is incredible with the speed and position they have to maintain going around that track. There are so many unique sports played out during these games that it's hard for NBC to cover it for TV viewing. If you are a fan of the Olympics, you are probably getting good use out of your iPads and computers to catch up on your favorite events each day. One story that hit close to home for me is the story of Canadian mogul skier, Alex Bilodeau and his brother Frederick. Frederick has cerebral palsy like me and it was fantastic to see Alex win back-to-back gold medals with his brother right there rooting him on at the finish line! I really hope there will be some good coverage of the Para-Olympics come March.

On a warmer note, the Phillies officially start spring training this week. They signed A.J. Burnett, who pitched for Pittsburgh last season, to help out Lee and Hamels. Let's hope this is good news for the upcoming season. I am more than ready to leave this winter behind!

I decided to close the article this week with a trivia question for all of my readers. I had the fantastic opportunity to be a torch bearer for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta when I was in sixth grade at Lewes Middle School. I wanted to see how many of you remember this one: Who was the last torchbearer who got to light the flame at the Atlanta games?

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