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Y's Water Safety Week works for kids

By Emily Uffelman | Apr 12, 2013

My name is Emily Uffelman. I'm 10 years old.  I am  writing about Water Safety Week, hosted by the YMCA. In fact, my little brother, Eric, and I attended these lessons. Throughout the week, we learned different strokes, how to dive, float, and tread water.  On Friday, we focused on water safety.  I learned things that I probably couldn't have figured out on my own.

Each group went to different stations, around the pool. To me, the most interesting lesson was at the last station. This activity was based on saving drowning people, using different floating devices. I was taught that if you don't have a life-saving tool, look around and you can build your own.

For example, the volunteers tied rope around an empty laundry detergent bottle. Then we threw out the device to the "drowning person."  So we didn't slip and fall in, we had to flop down on our tummies, and pull in the  "drowning person."

In different stations, we were taught to swim while wearing a life jacket, kneel and dive into the pool, and how to enter the water safely.  All of the volunteers were very nice and helpful.  I am looking forward to attending next year!

Emily Uffelman
Rehoboth Beach

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